Are you having friends or relatives coming to stay over the festive season?

One or more of you will probably end-up sleeping on the sofa. This also means that the kids (normally early risers at this time of year) can’t have the run of the house until ‘sofa-sleeper’ has got up and dressed.

Instead of waking up slightly groggy and sore, have you considered using a folding wall bed in the spare room or even the conservatory? The spare room would most likely accommodate a folding wall bed that can be discreetly hidden when not in use and folded out and prepared when there’s a house full of sleep-overs.

The great news is that this weekend as part of our Black Friday promotion, Hideaway Beds are offering big savings when buying a wall bed and mattress together. With next day delivery and self-assembly taking a couple of hours, it’s a great opportunity to solve guest headaches in time for Christmas.

This offer applies to retail customers only and has only 4 days left to run so you’ll need to be quick.

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Comment : I would like to leave a review as follows:

Would fully recommend the wall bed mechanism as opposed to the piston system which allows you to fine tune for balance.  This is the first time I have installed a wall bed but the technical drawings were easy to follow. The product arrived on the day requested, the staff were very knowledgeable and resolved my technical queries. The after sales service was excellent and I would thoroughly recommend this company and its products.

Many thanks to Nathan.

Time for some feedback. We contacted some of our customers from earlier this year to see how they got on with their wall bed project:

‘Hi Sarah,I did in fact purchase a bed which I fitted myself and built my own fitted furniture for it. I was very pleased with the help I got from the advisor I spoke to in Plympton.The bed has proved a great success and it looks great.
thanks for your enquiry.’

‘Thank you for your email.
Your company (you?) put me onto Nankivells in Chesterfield and they came & fitted a new bedroom complete with bed back in September.
It is brilliant, we are very impressed with it and my 10 yr old daughter loves it.
Hope this helps
Many thanks’

“I am delighted with the outcome as the bed is now fitted along with a desk area and more cupboard space which has transformed a junk room into a useful bedroom/study.”

‘Dear Ms Bartlett,
Thank you for your email and interest.
We did purchase a hideaway bed from Fareham the firm you put us intouch with. We had it installed in August after a visit to them and a preliminary assessment of our home from them.
It all progresses very satisfactorily and we are very happy with the excellent result, a cupboard enclosing and hiding the bed.
The bed is very comfortable and will be an asset in a small apartment where space is limited.
Kind regards,’

‘Dear Sarah,
Thank you for your email in follow up to my enquiry on Hideaway beds.
You gave me the details of Interstyle Bedrooms in Southampton who I made contact with and Wesley Lewis, the Proprietor, gave me a quotation which I accepted. I am delighted with the outcome as the bed is now fitted along with a desk area and more cupboard space which has transformed a junk room into a useful bedroom/study.
Thank you so much for your assistance and I would definitely recommend your product to others.
Thank you again’

Why We Feel Hideaway Beds’ Spring Mechanisms Are Superior to Gas Struts:

Gas struts or spring mechanisms are fitted to the head-end of the bed in order to counter-balance the load of the bed when in the upright position or when moving to or from the down position.

For over 20 years, Hideaway’s Beds are all supplied using spring mechanisms for safety and reliability reasons whilst other manufacturers prefer gas struts.


SafetyGas struts contain nitrogen under extremely high pressure installed at the head-end of the bed. The tension created by a 2 metre long steel bed frame, mattress and bedding require much higher pressures than (e.g.) a tailgate of a car. (As a pressurised item, it is recommended that the correct personal protective equipment should be worn when installing.)
Sudden FailureGas struts can sometimes catastrophically fail without warning and where this could cause danger, industry advice is to recommend secondary locking stays be used.
Non adjustableThe weight of mattress and bedding must exactly counter-balance the spring tension in the gas mechanism. If not, the bed will hover above the ground (if too light) or risk falling on you if too heavy.
Working lifeThe nature of a gas strut is to lose force over a period of time meaning they need periodically checking and replacing if necessary.
Correct FitmentUnless gas struts are attached using ball joint fixings and fitted in-line, lateral forces may cause uneven wearing of the piston & seals resulting in early failure.


SafetySteel springs are enclosed within steel cassette mechanism or behind steel plate.
Sudden FailureUnlikely due to an array of several springs being used on either side of bed.
Non adjustableAll spring mechanisms (with the exception of the SwingAway) can be manually adjusted to compensate for different mattresses, winter or summer bedding, etc
Working lifeHideaway spring systems are contract standard, and tested to 10,000 cycles (that’s nearly 30 years of every night use). We offer a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
Correct FitmentNot adversely affected by manufacturing tolerances.